The Bergmann Lab is excited for opportunities to collaborate on research projects. We offer:

→ Isotopic analyses of δ13C and δ18O on carbonate powders
→ Carbonate clumped-isotope (Δ47) analyses on carbonate and apatite powders
→ Petrographic thin section preparation (with optional microprobe polish)
→ Clumped-isotope characterization of microfacies

Nu Perspective

The Bergmann Lab houses a Nu Perspective Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer that allows for precise measurements of δ13C, δ18O, and Δ47 from the smallest samples. The Nu Perspective features the largest mass dispersion of any commercial IRMS, and has mass resolution CNOS and H (m/Δm) > 200 (10% valley).

Clumped-isotope analysis of carbonates (aragonite, calcite, dolomite, CO3 groups in apatite)
MIT affiliate: $75/replicate
Off-campus user: $110/replicate

Carbonate δ13C and δ18O
MIT affiliate: $20/replicate
Off-campus user: $40/replicate

Petrographic microscopes

High-resolution images can be taken from 10-1000X magnification on the in-house Zeiss AX10 microscope. High-resolution images of entire thin-sections at 50X magnification can be produced by stitching together hundreds of smaller images.

Single image                              50X stitched image
MIT Affiliate: $20/hr                  MIT Affiliate: $25/hr
Off-campus user: $30/hr          Off-campus user: $35/hr

Microfacies characterization
Thin section creation, petrographic characterization and micro-drilling of carbonate phases, δ13C, δ18O,  and Δ47 phase-specific analysis: $200/sample

Thin section preparation

The Struers Labotom-5 and Accutom-100 precision cutters and grinders combine with the Struers LaboSystem polisher to enable the creation of quality petrographic thin sections and an optional final polish of down to 1 micron, ideal for electron microprobe analysis.

Petrographic thin sections (with optional microprobe polish)
Standard format (1" x 2")               Large format (2" x 3")
MIT Affiliate: $80                             MIT Affiliate: $125
Off-campus user: $100                   Off-campus user: $150

Epoxy impregnation
MIT Affiliate: $50
Off-campus user: $75